From issues to actions. Expert Consultation on Regional Research Needs Assessment in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Agricultural research needs assessment is a continuous process in view of the fast changing socio-economic and policy scenarios and emergence of many other stakeholders, not involved earlier. Whereas many agricultural problems are country specific, there are some problems which are common to all the countries in the region (e.g. river water salinity, climate change etc.)

Youth for growing development

YPARD will serve as a global platform through which young professionals can express their ideas and realise their full potential towards a dynamic agricultural research for development

The Bonn resolution 2002

Research for Development: The Basis for Global Conquest of Hunger and for sustainable Development

Workshop on Advocacy and Inter-regional Cooperation for Information & Communication Technologies/Management in Agricultural Research for Development Organized by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) ¿ Extension, Thailand 3-4 July, 2006. Proceedings

Under its Asia-Pacific Agricultural Research Information System (APARIS) initiative, APAARI proposed to GFAR to host the third inter-regional workshop on Information & Communication Management for Agricultural Research for Development (ICM4ARD) in the Asia-Pacific Region. The first such inter-regional workshop in 2004 at FAO-Rome identified the framework for ICM4ARD.