Some Remarks to the Three Project Ideas

Most of the plants which are cultivated worldwide have healthy effects and have been increasingly used by people suffering from various diseases. Therefore these plants can be considered as medicinal ones. Olives and date palms have similar effects. With regard to cotton and post harvest products of the textile industry, especially organically cultivated plants, there is a growing international market because of the spread of allergic and other diseases which may be used as protection from health hazards

POLICYNET: Network for policy research related to EA/NRM

An important factor for the success of the scaling up of AE/NRM innovations and the process of local innovation is the design of appropriate policies which will encourage and support these local initiatives. These policies may address, for example, the legal framework (e.g. legislation on common property resources); the provision of credit, inputs and marketing infrastructure; the organisation of research, extension and education; or opportunities for farmer-level training and exchange.

A Cooperative Information Service on Experiences and Methods for Sustainable Development

InterDev, whose construction began in 1999, is a mutualist information service based on new information technologies. It offers development practitioners validated references on experiences, techniques, and methods. > In different thematic fields (food processing, agro-ecological farming systems, etc.), a network of practitioners from developed and developing countries produces and makes available operational information based on their practices. This information is organised in a databases, accessible through a Web site that is a platform for exchange between these development stakeholders.

Un service d¿information coopératif sur les expériences et méthodes pour le développement durable

Interdev est un service d'information mutualiste fondé sur les nouvelles technologies de l¿information, dont la construction a démarré en 1999. Il offre aux opérateurs de développement des références validées sur les expériences, les techniques et les méthodes.