GCHERA: World Agriculture Prize - Call for Nominations

The GCHERA WORLD AGRICULTURE PRIZE is the international award of the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA). The Prize aims to encourage the development of the mission of higher education institutions in education, research, innovation and outreach in the agricultural and life sciences by recognizing the distinguished contribution of an individual to this mission.

The Comprehensive Farmer - Interview with Dr. Iman El-Kaffass at GUNi International Conference

This is an excerpt from an interview with Dr. Iman El-Kaffass, Senior Advisor, Capacity Development and Organizational Transformation, GFAR, on the occasion of the GUNi International Conference “Generating Synergies between Science, Technology and Humanities,” held in Barcelona, Spain on November 19-21. The Conference was a forum for debate on the role of the humanities, and the interrelation between humanities, science and technology in the 21st Century. In this clip, Dr.

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