Foresight analysis is a tool to systematically identify the drivers influencing a system. It is often used by policymakers and businesses to plan for the future and inform decision making. At WorldFish, researchers are using foresight analysis to improve policy and community planning outcomes.

This podcast entitled "Foresight analysis improves policy and planning outcomes" was originally published on SoundCloud by WorldFish.

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WorldFish is a partner in the Global Forum, which is engaging in broad actions in foresight to provide stakeholders with opportunities to undertake forward thinking on current issues in agriculture and rural development. GFAR's Global Foresight Hub aims to stimulate forward-thinking debates in agriculture and rural development, connect Science and Society, and build capacity of all stakeholders in forward thinking. Specifically, CIFOR and WorldFish are working with the Global Forum to strengthen their capacities in engaging locally with stakeholders using participatory scenario building, to help them build the future they want to see.


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Date: Tuesday, 23 February, 2016 - 10
Source: WorldFish
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GFAR themes 2013: Foresight for better futures