A week of discussions have kicked off at the FAO Regional Conference for Europe, addressing the issues of malnutrition and obesity in the region. Having made major strides in reducing the prevalence of hunger, many countries in Europe and Central Asia are now looking to improve the quality of people's diets and transform their food systems in order to adapt to climate change, optimize the use of natural resources, and cut waste.

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As part of the GCARD3 process, Eurasian Center for Food Security (ECFS), FAO, the World BankIFPRIGFAR and CACAARI recently held the International Conference on Eurasian Food Security and Nutrition Network and Eurasian Soil Partnership. The conference provided an opportunity to discuss and analyze current trends in food security management in the Eurasian region; generated the discussion about best and most effective practices to promote and expand multi- and cross-sectoral collaboration on a country, regional and global level; and offered the floor for the Eurasian Soil Partnership Plenary meeting.

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Photo credit: FAO

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