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Opportunities and challenges towards achieving SDG 1 and 2: experiences from China, Kenya and Chile

Eradicating hunger and poverty are two faces of the same coin. While meeting the basic needs of the poor means ensuring their food security, improving their nutrition helps them increase their productivity and incomes. This renewed awareness was at the heart of the FAO side-event Opportunities and challenges towards achieving SDG 1 and 2, organized by the Strategic Programmes to Help eliminate hunger and Reduce rural poverty, in coordination with the International Poverty Reduction Center in China.

The three featured countries highlighted the key role of broad inclusive growth strategies and targeted universal social protection measures (i.e.: cash transfers, health care, pension schemes, measurement towards multidimensional poverty etc.) in addressing hunger and deprivation. All countries mentioned the need to target the poorest. The speakers also stressed the importance of complementing social protection with other interventions, including support to agriculture production, given the multidimensional nature of poverty.

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This story was featured in the May issue of FAO's Reducing Rural Poverty e-update. Click here to view the full issue with stories on addressing the nexus between poverty and climate change, empowering women through more and better access to land in REU, FAO's awareness-raising on social protection for rural poverty reduction in NENA, "Countries in-focus" and upcoming events and resources.

Photo credit: FAO