Introducing TECA, an online platform launched by FAO that gathers successful agricultural technologies and practices to facilitate knowledge exchange and help family farmers in the field.

Launched by FAO in 2002 and managed by FAO’s Research and Extension Unit, the TECA platform responds to the need for a systematic and user-friendly online archive of technologies, practices and innovations, including success stories and case studies on family farming.

The technologies and practices included in the TECA Platform address many challenges of small agricultural producers in different areas such as crop production, livestock production, fishery and aquaculture, forestry, post-harvest and marketing, agricultural mechanization, natural resource management, nutrition and food security, capacity development, climate change and disaster risk reduction.

How does TECA work?

The TECA Platform fills the gap in the dissemination process and makes available practical information on proven technologies and practices to a global audience.

In collaboration with other partners, the TECA’s team captures these practices and technologies to document them. Each technology and practice is recorded in a standard format, using clear language and supporting visuals to provide detailed specifications.

In the TECA Platform technologies and practices from a wide range of regions and countries that are made available in different languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) to reach a wider audience. To replicate these technologies and practices in their own context, the users can request more information by contacting the FAO Research and Extension Unit at this email address: teca[at]fao[dot]org

Learn more about TECA on their dedicated website.