In February 2004 GFAR Secretariat organized a Retreat, involving all categories of stakeholders to fine tune the recommendations of GFAR 2003 Conference and based on that develop a new GFAR Business Plan for the period 2004-2006. The retreat was professionally prepared and convened in close collaboration with a team of two facilitators over a two months period. In December 2006 the Secretariat concluded the implementation of the GFAR 2004-2006 Business Plan. The Business Plan comprised four pillars i) Inter-Regional Collaboration; ii) Collaborative Research Partnerships; iii) Advocacy, Public Awareness and Strategic Thinking; iv) Management Information System for Agricultural research for sustainable development (ARSD); and two Cross-cutting Activities: i) CSOs full involvement and participation in ARD activities and ii) private sector engagement. 

We are pleased to share with you the GFAR Secretariat annual progress reports to GFAR Steering Committee on activities and outputs achieved. For complete GFAR Secretariat annual reports click the links below: 
Progress Report 2004
Progress Report 2005
- Progress Report 2006