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The mind of the universe is an international vpro documentary series exploring the human destiny and the world of tomorrow through the eyes of the greatest thinkers and scientists of our time. In these series, 30 renowned scientists share their point of view and research, with you.

More than a documentary series, The mind of the universe is a unique and unprecedented open source project in its scope and intention to provide all its programs and raw footage for free to everyone.

The open source digital platform is now LIVE:

All the complete, in-depth video interviews with the 30 renowned scientists are available under a Creative Commons License (CC/BY/SA) for everyone to download and (re)use together with extra footage from research labs and other locations that were filmed.

Every video has English subtitles and is extensively annotated using a UNESCO thesaurus which makes it easy to browse through the content looking for specific subjects.

Check for a full list of featured scientists.

This scientific documentary series consists of ten episodes, published every Wednesday on vpro's international YouTube channel with English, French and Spanish subtitles. (Not visible from The Netherlands, people residing in The Netherlands can watch The mind of the universe every Sunday on NPO2 or on NPO Gemist)
The mind of the universe is presented by Robbert Dijkgraaf (Director and Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton). In each episode, a typical human quality takes centre stage, in which the scientists and their research are embedded. Like Lee Cronin (UK) who is trying to create life from dead matter. Or Pascale Fung (Hong Kong) who builds empathetic robots. Or Hani Hayajneh (Jordan) who researches pre islamic cultures.

This news is adapted from an e-bulletin issued by the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), a Partner in GFAR. The icipe Director General, Dr. Segenet Kelemu and the Centre’s research, development and capacity building activities have been featured in this international science TV series.