In developing countries, Agriculture has not only involved men but also relies on women’s contributions for its sustainability within rural economies.

IAAS wants to bring that to mind and has launched: “We Do A Change” (WDAC) photo competition, making “Women in Agriculture” its theme. Share your perspective through your awesome photography and IAAS will showcase it on their Asia-Pacific Instagram account!

Entry to the competition is FREE and is open to submissions from the Asia-Pacific Region. Deadline for submissions is this Friday, 12 May 2017. 

We Do A Change (WDAC) is a project initiated by IAAS Asia Pacific that aims to use electronic media for sustainable change which may bring direct impact on agriculture practice or thinking and understanding people. This Project is divided into three events: Photo Contest, Video challenge For Zero food wastage, and Story sharing. For the moment, the Photo contest with the theme "women in agriculture" will kick off the campaign.

Women in Agriculture

Women make essential contributions to the agricultural and rural economies in all developing countries. Their roles vary considerably between and within regions and are changing rapidly in many parts of the world, where economic and social forces are transforming the agricultural sector. Rural women often manage complex households and pursue multiple livelihood strategies. Their activities typically include producing agricultural crops, tending animals, processing and preparing food, working for wages in agricultural or other rural enterprises, collecting fuel and water, engaging in trade and marketing, caring for family members and maintaining their homes.

The contest will be focused on the acquisition of some raw and creative photograph of women involved in agriculture mainly in rural areas.

Full information can be downloaded at this link


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