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The 3rd Prolinnova Partners' Meeting was held from 5-10 March 2006 in Cambodia. Agriculture Minister Chan Sarun delivered the Keynote Address during the Opening Ceremony held at Juliana Hotel in Phnom Penh.
The annual event aimed to take stock of progress made by the various Prolinnova Country Programmes (CPs) as well as to define and discuss strategic plans for the immediate and near future. 

From Phnom Penh, participants representing Prolinnova Country Programmes from Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nepal, Niger, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda traveled to Siem Reap where the workshop proper was held. Participants updated each other of the progress made in each of their respective Prolinnova CPs, discussed information-sharing strategies, implementation of innovation support fund (ISF), monitoring and evaluation, documentation of their efforts, and resource mobilization.

Also, participants had the opportunity during field visits to interact with Cambodian farmer-innovators and development professionals supporting them who shared their experiences in local innovation and participatory R&D that helped them meet their food-security needs.

Representatives from the Pacific islands and the Andean region of South America also attended the meeting to explore possibilities of expanding Prolinnova programme activities to those regions. Some concrete follow-up actions were decided upon.

The meeting was hosted by the CEDAC (Centre d'etudes et de developpement agricole Cambodgiens), the Prolinnova country coordinator in Cambodia. DGIS, CTA, and GFAR provided funds for the workshop and its documentation.

For further information:

Oliver Oliveros and Scott Killough (IIRR), Prolinnova International Support Team