Training of local farmers in Guatemala
A workshop was held in Huehuetenango-Guatemala on 16 June 2014 with the participation of 30 smallholder farmer leaders - men and women - from the farmer communities of Progreso Quilinco; Cacerío Las Milpas; Climentoro, among others; and representatives of ASOCUCH and FUNDIT (local partners for the development of the capacity-building material on Farmers’ Rights).
Copies of the capacity-building material were given to smallholder farmer leaders of La Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, Guatemala, as well as an explanation on how to use the material to increase awareness and understanding on Farmers’ Rights at the community level.
Training of smallholder farmer leaders was held by dividing them into four groups to develop the exercises proposed in the third booklet of the capacity-building material related to the implementation of Farmers’ Rights; to show them how to held the dissemination of the information of the capacity-building material within their farmers' communities.
Smallholder farmer leaders and participants of the workshop expressed their gratitude for the capacity-building material developed on Farmers’ Rights and expressed the importance of this material to understand their rights and be able to work towards their implementation. The importance of its use and the responsibility of smallholder farmer leaders to disseminate the information among members of farmer communities were highlighted.