The following are some of the observations of stakeholders after their consultations.

Regarding partnerships

GFAR needs a larger portfolio of inclusive partnerships within and across regional forums and at the global level. It should further put more emphasis on farmer organizations, NGOs and private sector participation in its activities. GFAR should become more proactive in facilitating a progressive scaling up of partnership building.

Regarding stakeholder participation in ARD

GFAR needs to mobilize and create more awareness of NGOs role in ARD. It should contribute to building NGO capacity to contribute to ARD.

GFAR needs to add new stakeholders such as consumer groups and energy companies

There must be incentives for the Private Sector to participate in GFAR activities. Effective interface between GFAR and the private sector needs to be built. GFAR must create awareness about itself among the private sector.

GFAR must foster more dialogue between the NARS as also between ARD policy makers.

GFAR must foster greater participation of Universities and other research and training Institutions in its activities at regional and global level.

GFAR must help improve institutional arrangement for young scientists.

Regarding agricultural research

GFAR should facilitate multi-stakeholder involvement in design of research.

NGOs should participate actively in ARD priority setting.

GFAR needs to monitor and assess the contribution of Agricultural Research Institutes towards development goals.

Decentralized funding with emphasis on CSO and farmers’ organization participation in the funding mechanism is a potential solution to make ARD deliver outputs to farmers.

GFAR should facilitate innovations in ARD to bring in better results for farmers