Forgotten foods: forgotten by science, but not by farmers


In pursuit of productivity, the global food system has become focused on a few staple crops.

FARA: Development of Africa Manifesto and Plan of Action on Forgotten Foods

For the potential of forgotten foods to be realized, collective actions are required at the global, regional, national levels. These actions involve creating awareness and communicating the economic, nutritional, environmental and cultural values of these foods. They also involve the provision of the needed enabling environment for the development of these foods through research; empowering farmers in production; and supporting the private sector in processing, value addition marketing etc.

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Moringa: The ancient food staging a comeback


By Duncan Turnbull, Pomeroon Moringa has long been a staple for both people and livestock across Southeast Asia.

SIANI & SLU : Call for abstracts Agri4D 2021 – food systems for new realities

Purpose of the conference

To progress towards sustainable and just food systems, Agri4D will bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to engage with the challenges of food systems. The conference aims to provide a platform to take stock of the current knowledge frontier, connect science to policymaking and practice, and spark new collaborations.

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Why we’re launching a Collective Action on Inclusive Digital Transformation of Agriculture starting in Latin America


Viviana Palmieri, Executive Secretary of FORAGRO speaks with GFAR’s Valeria Pesce about leading the Collective Action

How to ensure farmers are not left behind in the digital transformation of agriculture


By Farm Radio International At Farm Radio International, we field the question “why radio” more often than we care to

A range of incentives could help open up free access to FAIR data in agriculture


By Ruthie Musker, Project Officer – Data Policy & Practice at CABI, and Fiona Smith, Independent Contractor

From niche to known: findings on farm data sharing from Partners in GFAR reflected in World Bank book


By Valeria Pesce (GFAR), Chris Addison (formerly CTA), Foteini Zampati (GODAN Sometimes—perh

GFAR (back) in Action


GFAR is revitalizing Collective Actions to strengthen agri-food research and innovations systems, fueled by

Asian Development Bank: E-Learning Consultant


The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) in Tokyo is seeking an E-Learning Consultant.


  • Support the growth and development of the ADBI E-Learning platform and ADBI’s broader online training initiatives focusing on the sustainable development priorities of economies in Asia and the Pacific