The LAquila Statement on Global Food Security

The LAquila Statement on Global Food Security

The "LAquila" Joint Statement on Global Food Security - “L’Aquila Food Security Initiative (AFSI)” released today, 10 July 2009, highlights deep concern among the world’s largest economies about global food security.

Short report from the ICT Workshop at the Science forum 2009

The Workshop on ICTs Transforming Agricultural Science, Research and Technology Generation organ

The Science Forum 2009: connecting advanced science with development

After months of hard work and preparation for the first-ever Science Forum 2009, we can now say it was all worth-while.

ICT Workshop at Science Forum 2009 Pushes the Envelope

Enhancing Development Impact from Research: GCARD 2010

The winners for the Science Forum 2009 Poster Competition have been chosen!

GFAR is pleased to announce the results of the Science Forum 2009 Poster Competition “ICTs: Enabling Agricultural Science to Be a Social Endeavour”. There were 29 entries accepted in the competitive section. Four entries were not accepted as they did not meet the conditions of the competition.

CABI Global Summit - Food Security in a climate of change

We are currently facing a food security crisis. Today, an estimated 852 million people worldwide are going hungry, while 2 billion do not have a regular, secure source of food due to the poverty they face (source: FAO).

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The G-8 Agriculture Ministers Meeting: The critical role of agricultural research in development

Inside Africas First Global Horticulture Congress

GFAR takes an in-depth look at this exciting event with Dr Norman Looney, Board Chair of the Global Horticulture Initiative, a multi-stakeholder platform for innovation and knowledge sharing in horticulture developed on GFAR’s partnership principles, and President of the International Society for Horticultural Science, co-organizers of the Congress