Short report from the ICT Workshop at the Science forum 2009

The Workshop on ICTs Transforming Agricultural Science, Research and Technology Generation organ

The Science Forum 2009: connecting advanced science with development

After months of hard work and preparation for the first-ever Science Forum 2009, we can now say it was all worth-while.

ICT Workshop at Science Forum 2009 Pushes the Envelope

Enhancing Development Impact from Research: GCARD 2010

The winners for the Science Forum 2009 Poster Competition have been chosen!

GFAR is pleased to announce the results of the Science Forum 2009 Poster Competition “ICTs: Enabling Agricultural Science to Be a Social Endeavour”. There were 29 entries accepted in the competitive section. Four entries were not accepted as they did not meet the conditions of the competition.

CABI Global Summit - Food Security in a climate of change

We are currently facing a food security crisis. Today, an estimated 852 million people worldwide are going hungry, while 2 billion do not have a regular, secure source of food due to the poverty they face (source: FAO).

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The G-8 Agriculture Ministers Meeting: The critical role of agricultural research in development

Inside Africas First Global Horticulture Congress

GFAR takes an in-depth look at this exciting event with Dr Norman Looney, Board Chair of the Global Horticulture Initiative, a multi-stakeholder platform for innovation and knowledge sharing in horticulture developed on GFAR’s partnership principles, and President of the International Society for Horticultural Science, co-organizers of the Congress