Civil Society Organizations/Non-governmental Organizations in agriculture, food and rural development

Cho Global Natural Farming - Hawaii

Acronym: CGNF
Cho Global Natural Farming - Hawaii promotes, educates and conducts research about Korean Natural Farming methods. KNF was introduced to Hawaii about 10 years ago and has gained respect and popularity worldwide. It is a cheap,efficient and effective way to farm organically using on farm resources to create microbe rich soil amendments and inputs. The simple methods can be used with pigs to create "no-smell, no-fly, and no-run-off" piggeries.
Institutional email:
Contact person: Kim CS Chang, President CGNF-Hawaii
Contact email:
Geographic scope: National
GFAR Region: North America
Address: P.O. Box 6862, Hilo, HI. 96720
City: Hilo
Type of Institution: Non-Governmental Organization, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Non-profit research organization, Public