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World Agricultural Heritage Foundation

Acronym: WAHF
Mission Statement To promote sustainable agriculture and rural development through policy and technical assistance, networking, research, training and education for safeguarding and dynamic conservation of the world’s agricultural heritage systems and sites.
GFAR work stream(s) of interest: Foresight for better futures
Institutional email: grego@worldagriculturalheritage.org
Contact person: Professor Stefano Grego
Contact email: grego@unitus.it
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Geographic scope: Global
Address: World Agricultural Heritage Foundation c/o Agricultural Research Council of Italy, CREA, Via della Navicella 2-4 00184, Rome Italy Website: www.worldagriculturalheritage.org Email: Koohafkan@worldagriculturalheritage.org Tel:+393469883111
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Type of Institution: Biodiversity and Environmental Management