The Chairperson of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and the Secretary of the CFS have the honour to refer to the rules of procedure of CFS and to the need to renew the Steering Committee of the High-Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on Food Security and Nutrition for a term of office starting at the end of CFS 2019 and ending at closure of CFS 2021.

An open call for the nomination of experts to the Steering Committee will take place from 29 October 2018 to 1 February 2019 (3 months).

The HLPE works on CFS request to produce science and evidence-based analysis and studies, so that the decisions and the work of the CFS are based on updated evidence and state-of-the-art knowledge regarding technical, scientific, social, critical and emerging issues related to food security and nutrition. Functions and working modalities of the HLPE are available in the CFS reform document and in the HLPE Rules and Procedures agreed by the CFS Bureau, available on line at:

Governments and organizations are invited to nominate candidates for the Steering Committee of the HLPE. Candidates should be internationally recognized experts in their field related to food security and nutrition, and have a broad vision and substantial and relevant experience in cross‐disciplinary expert processes. They should be experienced professionals, holding an advanced university degree, with a proven record of publications and/or solid background in field and research project management in the area of food security and nutrition. Most importantly, they should have proven experience in managing groups or networks of experts, extensive communication, inter‐personal and leadership skills, and the capacity to attract and draw from expert networks.

The nomination procedure is entirely web-based. All information can be accessed at:

Governments, CFS members and participant organizations intending to nominate experts should send an official letter of nomination to the HLPE Secretariat at: cfs-hlpe[at]fao[dot]org indicating, for each nominee, the following mandatory information: name, surname, current institution and position and a valid email. Nominating parties are kindly requested not to correspond by regular posted mail to the Secretariat, but to use only e-mail.

In considering nominations, it should be noted that HLPE Steering Committee members will participate in their individual capacities, not as representatives of their respective governments, institutions or organizations.

During their mandate, Steering Committee members are expected to dedicate a substantial amount of their time to the HLPE. Actual time requirements will depend on the capacities of experts and on the work programme of the HLPE as requested by the CFS. Time dedication is expected not to be less than 20 days per year, travel included. This figure doubles at least for the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson of the Steering Committee. Their travel-related expenses to attend Steering Committee meetings will be borne by the CFS/HLPE Secretariat. Steering Committee members are not otherwise compensated for their work.

The selection of members of the HLPE Steering Committee will be carried out, as per the relevant provisions of the HLPE Rules and Procedures agreed by the CFS Bureau, by an ad-hoc technical selection committee, and submitted for final decision to the CFS Bureau. This process shall ensure that the members of the Steering Committee reflect a balance of technical disciplines, regional expertise and representation, as well as ensuring both continuity and change in the Steering Committee’s composition. Nominations not retained for membership of the Steering Committee will be included in the HLPE Roster of experts.

Expiry date: Friday, 1 February, 2019
Institution: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations