INIA, a Partner in GFAR, has retained SRI Executive to assist with their search for an exceptional candidate to fill the position of the Research Director.

Reporting to the National Director, the Research Director is responsible for supporting and ensuring the contribution of INIA’s research and technological development agenda to the socioeconomic and environmental sustainability of the country’s production systems, contemplating the most relevant demands identified and prioritized in the corporate strategy.

The Research Director has the following main targets:
• To participate and contribute, together with the National Directorate, strategic thinking in the construction of policies, strategies and research objectives of the Institute.
• Implement measures to facilitate the coordination and guidance of the functioning of Directors of National Programs for Research and Technical Units under its responsibility.
• Plan and direct the research agenda and the technological developments of the Institute to contribute to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of production systems in the country.
• Ensure links with the private sector to confirm that the research agenda responds appropriately to the relevant current demands as well as to expectations of future scientific / technological developments identified and prioritized by the Institute.
• Promote the development of high-quality scientific research at the level of individual and institutional researchers produced.
• Implement, monitor and evaluate the key performance indicators of the research area of the organization.
• Implement a strategy for communicating the results of research and publication(s) in refereed journals and technological products and process consistent with the defined corporate strategy.
• Monitor the development of R & D and coordinate with the Management of Innovation and Communication ex-ante research proposals; evaluation and verification of their demand orientation and innovation, planning early change actions, technological linkage and communication from the formulation of research projects.
• Emphasize the inter-disciplinary approach to production systems, forming multi-disciplinary teams and / or multi-institutional and promoting the integration of national research programs.
• To promote joint scientific and technological national and/or international networks.
• To assist in the administration of the Integrated Management System.
• Develop and monitor Researchers together with the National development plans.

Duties and Responsibilities:
The selected candidate will be responsible for the following tasks:
Leadership and Strategic Management
 Lead a team of 140 researchers in INIA, across 11 research programs and several technical programs.
 Lead and manage all research from INIA to ensure products are delivered to clients.
 Dynamic leadership with an ability to motivate and coordinate people.
 Ensure people development across all teams.
 Proven networking and people skills with knowledge of the international market.
Strategy and Planning
 Participate in the development of INIA’s strategic plan.
 Lead and Increase the scientific productivity (Publications).
 Implement technological transformation in all programs.
 Strategic planning of all research in accordance with the organization’s goals.

For more information on qualifications, application and selection process, see the pdf attached below. 


Countries: Uruguay