The Nepalese agriculture system is mostly characterized by low level of investment and income with subsistence economy. Lands are increasingly fallowed and youth are out migrating from rural villages to Middle East and are earning less than US$ 200 a month. However, there is a small but growing number of progressive youths and professionals have come up with agri-entrepreneurship as their profession. 

With advent of new information, communication tools and technologies along with connection to the wider communities, the stereotype in agriculture is changing and new and innovative generations are interested in it, but their experience remains undocumented. These stories of learning, comprise both failure and success and involve process and methods for their outcome.

Those can be inspiring stories for other fellow farmers and help them to solve their problem and adding on new innovation and bringing expertise in them.  For this, it is crucial to develop proper environment of experience sharing. Hence a storytelling contest that can encourage youth participants to learn about agriculture related know-how technology to reduce risks and make them more comfortable to adopt new innovations and approaches in it seems like a necessity. 

Considering small yet crucial intervention, YPARD Nepal call for applications from all interested Nepalese young agricultural entrepreneurs (aged 18 to 39) to participate in the ‘Storytelling Contest for Young Agri Entrepreneurs’, a national level competition which aims to bring in the entrepreneurs with the most innovative and motivating stories of youth enterprises with the best social potential and impact. 

The themes on which we’re looking for agri-entrepreneurs’ stories are

  1. Motivating: The motivation of the entrepreneur to come up with their enterprise, and are expected to encourage other youths in starting phase.
  2. Innovative: The use of innovative and technological approaches in the agri-business system and their impacts on success of enterprise.
  3. Social Impact: The exemplary role played by the entrepreneur/enterprise to bring positive social perception and agricultural development.

For more information on the application process, eligibility, deadlines and prizes, visit the YPARD website

Expiry date: Wednesday, 30 November, 2016