The TAA’s 40th Anniversary. 2019 will be 40 years since establishment of the TAA.  We are planning a series of events to commemorate this.  A crucial challenge will be to finalise our strategy to ensure success of TAA for the next 40 years.  This will entail changes in the way we fund the TAA, the activities we do, how we govern, and how we communicate – internally & externally. These changes will be based on the views of our younger members, who will guide TAA in future.

The Executive Committee (ExCo). The TAA relies on Executive Committee volunteers to manage the Association for the Charitable Trust. Most have given many years of service, some now wish to stand down to encourage a younger and more gender-balanced team to take. We need new blood and new ideas for the TAA. We plan more virtual ExCo meetings via SKYPE to make it easier for people to participate in meetings.

Volunteers are needed. We seek a volunteer to help with planning and organising TAA’s 40th events. We particularly seek volunteers for  Membership Secretary, Treasurer and a new Communications and PR post. We also seek new members as deputies to other posts to facilitate succession planning: Chairman, Coordinating Editor, General Secretary, Branches Coordinator and Institutional Membership.

If you have gained something from TAA membership, perhaps now is an opportunity to volunteer a little of your time to keep the TAA functioning.  If you have an interest in helping in any particular positions, or simply as an ExCo member, please now email the Chairman, Keith Virgo. chairman[at][dot]uk.

Institution: Tropical Agriculture Association