The GFAR organizations database was built over time from surveys, online forms and by incrementally importing data from other databases.

It is currently composed of the following subsets:

(1) The GFAR Institutions database, including the subset on Farmers Organizations called FODABASE

(2) The FAO NARS database

(3) The WISARD database of organizations.

(4) The EARD-InfoSys+ Institutions database – please note that this database is only searched when your search is by European country.

About the FODABASE: the Forum’s Farmers’ Organizations database (FODABASE) was launched in November 2005 and was the result of a survey promoted by GFAR in year 2005 concerning national farmers’ organizations. 

Technical information

A full export of the database is available here.


The GFAR organizations database and AgriProfiles

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