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In February, Partners in GFAR held a workshop to launch a Collective Action on empowering rural communities as drivers of agricultural innovation, by making farmers real participants in research processes. Read below about how the workshop participants wrestled with what participatory research really should look like and who should be involved, and how they made commitments to take forward the elaboration and implementation of this Collective Action!

A GFAR Collective Action on empowering rural communities to determine their own futures was also launched last month to make use of participatory foresight method, to produce research and innovations that truly address farmers’ problems as they see them. With their foresight capacity built, find out what the young practitioners at the core of the new Africa Foresight Academy are doing to advance #Foresight4Ag!

This is what GFAR is all about: Collective Action changing the way we work!


In February the following organizations, institutions and companies expressed their desire to join in the movement to transform agri-food research and innovation by becoming Partners in GFAR!

Civil Society Organizations/Non-Governmental Organizations

Leventis Foundation Nigeria     Green Farm Nation Ltd     We Help You-th FARM

International Mission of Peach and Humanitarian Relief Investigations

Higher Education

Federal University Lafia     Institute of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Agriculture Faisalabad     Andijan Agricultural Institute     Business School Lausanne

International Research Institutions

International Center for Tropical Agriculture - Regional Office for Africa

Private Sector Companies and Organizations 

Brenner Pharmafood Business Development Ltd.     African Orphan Crop Consortium


We invite you to read more, and find out the latest from the Partners in GFAR, in the stories below!

And please do let the GFAR Secretariat know how you work with other Partners to help shape the future of agriculture, so that we can share your stories with everyone in our networks!


GFAR Update is a briefing service from the GFAR Secretariat. Our aim is to keep you regularly informed and aware of new initiatives and collective actions of the Partners in GFAR around the world, so that these can have greater reach and impact for those we serve - in particular for poor smallholder farmers and consumers.

Together is Better – Designing a Collective Action to make research participatory and accountable

What is participatory research? Who actually participates in what, and how? Is it only happening in individual countries, in certain projects? If so, how can it be scaled up? What kind of change is needed to make research processes participatory?...

#Foresight4Ag: Empowering rural communities to determine their own futures

The GFAR Collective Action on Empowering rural communities to determine their own futures aims to create inclusive spaces, through foresight, for the co-development of research needs and priorities, with the aim of producing research and innovations that truly address farmers’ problems as they see them.

GFAR Chair and Vice-Chair forge new linkages with FAO

In January, GFAR Chair Bongiwe Njobe and GFAR Vice-Chair Raffaele Maiorano met with leaders at FAO to discuss real, solid areas in which GFAR can complement FAO's many roles and where FAO's intergovernmental policy role can be informed by GFAR processes and actions.

Just released: Farmers’ Right to Seed – Experiences from Guatemala

Smallholder farmers seldom have a direct voice in shaping policies and understanding of their needs. To celebrate the often unsung work of farming communities, GFAR has commissioned a series of short videos telling the farmers’ stories in their own words...

FAO 2nd International Symposium on Agroecology

03/04/2018 to 05/04/2018
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Member countries have recommended that FAO carry out comprehensive analysis and needs assessments in partnership with farmers, academia, private sector, research, extension institutions and other relevant stakeholders, and GFAR is pleased to bring in the rich knowledge and expertise of its multi-sectoral partners for this task.

Changes in the Technical Secretariat of the Forum for the Americas on Agricultural Research and Technology Development (FORAGRO)

The Director General of IICA, which is the institution in charge of the FORAGRO Secretariat, designated Viviana Palmieri as the new Executive Secretary of the forum.

DSF opens public consultation process on its indicators

The Dairy Sustainability Framework , Partner in GFAR, has now reached the point of public consultation on Reporting Guidelines for six High Level Indicator Metrics, which will better enable the DSF to align the dairy sector and publicly report the...

Agrinatura General Assembly and Workshop

25/04/2018 to 27/04/2018
City: Stuttgart
Country: Germany
The Agrinatura General Assembly 2018 is hosted by the Hohenheim Research Center for Gobal Food Security and Ecosystems . It...

Shifting Down to the Human Scale: Lessons from the Territories approach

The Living Territories International Conference held in Montpellier, France from 22-24 January 2018 was a multi-partner event addressing a range of issues: What does territorial management of resources mean? What are the benefits of a territorial approach to agricultural production, agri-chain regulation, services provision? What is the role of community-based actions in the provision of new rules, norms and acts towards territorial development?

Commemoration of International Women’s Day amidst unprecedented global movement for women’s rights

Coming on the heels of unprecedented global efforts for women’s rights, equality and justice, International Women’s Day, 8 March, will put a spotlight on the tireless work of activists who have been central to these extraordinary movements worldwide. Under this...

Four Ways to Incorporate a Gender Lens in Your Measurement and Evaluation Efforts

Across the social sector, we have seen growing interest in bringing a gender lens to social change—from foundations and nonprofits aligning to the Sustainable Development Goals to businesses looking to create shared value. As organizations deepen their gender-related programming and...

Closing the webinar series on Farmers’ access to data

As part of our work on farmers’ rights to data and following up on the face-to-face course on Farmers’ Access to Data organized in Centurion in November 2017, GFAR announces two live webinars and three recorded lessons to make the...

GODAN: Secretariat Researcher for Germany post

Expiry date: 2018-03-09 00:00:00
City: Darmstadt
Countries: Germany
GODAN is pleased to announce that the Secretariat is seeking applicants for a full-time Researcher position based in Darmstadt, Germany.

3iE: Senior program manager

City: Washington, D.C.
Countries: United States of America
The senior program manager is responsible for providing strategic technical and management leadership of and support primarily to the WACIE...

ICRA: Fellowship Applications

Expiry date: 2018-03-21 00:00:00
Fellowship applications are now open for: Course: Facing rural innovation challenges - Linking research to inclusive development for food security...


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