Innovation thrives when every actor in the agricultural value chain can easily access, share information, skills and technology, including input suppliers, farmers and producers, processors, marketers, consumers, extension agents, scientists and policy makers and effectively use it. GFAR is working towards strengthening agricultural information systems through advocating and building capacities for opening access and effectively using data, information and knowledge

In the past, we worked through the Coherence in Information for Agricultural Research for Development platform (CIARD)Now, we do it through the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN) initiative. GFAR is a partner in GODAN and a member of the GODAN Secretariat and Steering Committee. In GODAN, GFAR is contributing especially to discussions, papers and events related to issues of data rights (data ownership, farmers' rights to data).

In the context of the two initatives, GFAR manages three global platforms that facilitate data sharing:

The GODAN Action Map of agri-food data standards, a global directory of data standards used for agri-food data.



The CIARD RING, a federated and curated global directory of agri-food datasets and data services. 



AgriProfiles (formerly AgriVIVO), a search portal built to facilitate connections between all actors in the agricultural field, across separately hosted directories and online communities. The search portal facilitates searches for people and organizations engaged in agricultural development to foster greater collaboration and partnerships in agricultural research and innovation. 


In the past, before CIARD and GODAN were born, GFAR already used to advocate for more and better- targeted investment in agricultural information systems and improved integration and coherence through the Information and Communications Management for Agricultural Research and Development (ICM4ARD) initiative.

GFAR also enables and supports activities in Forward Thinking ICT use in Agriculture especially on research and innovation trends and needs.