Affiliation: Pakistan Agriculture Research for Development
Keywords: Teachers, Plains, Organizations
Countries: Pakistan
Bio: We learn only when we do; what I believe EXPERIENCE is the best teacher of all times. Having spent more than a decade in FARMING/AGRICULTURE RESEARCH; is what that differentiates me from plain and mere Agriculture graduates. In my humble opinion Degrees without relevant knowledge and experience is as good as car without driver you may have it but may not enjoy journey over it. I have skill and field knowledge about Farming/Farmers issues/BT seeds issues/Pesticides/Fertilizer etc and the knack to address the issue amicably in the manner to obtain maximum output. I have worked in different dimension to strengthen Farmers/YPs. I have attended several Workshops/seminars/training classes.       I would feel privileged to secure a position as a Volunteer group from Pakistan who wants to work for development in Pakistan with YPARD and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how our group’s [YPs] extensive experience would best suit the needs of your organization to boost the Agricultural Research and Development in Pakistan. If you want to get involved with YPARD Pakistan, please write to me at[at]gmail[dot]com