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National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS). Steering Committee Meeting. (09 : 2001 : Durban, South Africa)
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Raj. Paroda, Chairman of the NARS Steering Committee, welcomed the participants to the meeting. A list of attendance is attached as Annex 1. In his opening remarks, Raj. Paroda mentioned the fact that, after the approval of the revised GFAR Charter the day before, the NARS Steering Committee is becoming the NARS Sub-Committee of the GFAR Steering Committee. However, he stressed that the regional and sub-regional fora remain the cornerstones of GFAR. According to the Chairman, NARS have continued to strengthen over the last six months and the donors have confirmed and increased their support to regional/sub-regional collaborative research. The agenda of the meeting was approved without any changes and the minutes of the 8th NARS Steering Committee of October 2000 endorsed.
Statutory meeting document - SC