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GFAR is pleased to share the final, endorsed statement coming out of the SDC Face-to-Face Workshop on Rural Advisory Services that was held 2-7 March 2015 in Hanoi Vietnam. GFAR, through Harry Palmier, Senior Partnerships Officer and member of the GFRAS Steering Committee, contributed to the discussions, group work and prioritization exercises which helped form the Hanoi Statement. GFRAS involvement with GFAR goes back a number of years with GFAR pleased to contribute to the consultations GFRAS has held over the years that have helped develop the studies and gathering of experience that started the discussions culminating in the Hanoi Statement. GFAR helped establish GFRAS specifically to strengthen its advisory services and provides considerable co-finance to GFRAS activities.
GFRAS will continue the process by using the Hanoi Statement as the basis for the development of a  SDC RAS policy paper as well as a check-list for operational purposes. The capitalisation studies and a summary report will be published soon on the SDC homepage and on the "Reaching the Millions" blog. All the material will be further treated and be published in the magazine “Rural21”. The results of the workshop “Reaching the millions” will feed into the next Annual Conference of GFRAS  in September 2015 in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia.