The Forward Thinking Platform is one of the three components of the Global Foresight Hub. It offers an open space for exchanging and debating about the futures of agriculture and rural development and what do they mean for agricultural research.

Anybody who is logged in the GFAR website can contribute to this platform through the Open forum link. There you can share your ideas, post information, argue and advocate (see link below).

There are also Foresight Working Groups operating as Forums, which are accessible to those who are engaged in forward thinking activities and want to improve collective knowledge through active and regular contributions. Three Working Groups have been established following after a Foresight Exchange Workshop held in Beijing (see below). The topics they respectively address are: “farming patterns of the future”, “future linkages between production and consumption of agricultural products” and “future of land use changes”. A fourth Working Group will integrate their advances.

In addition, Foresight Exchange Workshops (FEW) are periodically convened to facilitate direct interactions among the Group Members, sharing results, comparing methods, discussing controversies arising from their field experiences. Two FEWs have been already organized. The 3rd Foresight Exchange Workshop (FEW3) will take place in Montpellier in June 2014.
The report of the 1st Foresight Exchange Workshop (FEW1) held in Beijing in October 2011 is available HERE.
The report of the 2nd Foresight Exchange Workshop (FEW2) held in Punta del Este in October 2012 is available HERE.
The report of the 3rd Foresight Exchange Workshop (FEW3) held in Montpellier in June 2014 is available HERE.
The inventory on foresight activities prepared for the CGARD2 is available here (presentation here).
The public forum on the forward thinking platform is available here.