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International Workshop. How Can the Poor Benefit from Growing Markets for High Value Products? (00 : 2005 : Cali, Colombia)
Personal / corporate author: Weinberger, Katinka
Publication date: 01/01/2006
In many Asian countries the agricultural sector is undergoing transformation, with changes in the contribution of the different sub-sectors occurring. High value agricultural products (HVAP) are defined here as products that are typically perishable, that are of specific high-value, and that are sold through specialized markets (CGIAR, 2004). They can include livestock, dairy products, fish, fruit and vegetables; products that are growing in importance, albeit at varying degree. Asia and the Pacific comprise countries of vast differences in climates, livelihood systems and economic development. For the purpose of this paper we will follow the FAO definition of country groups and distinguish among South Asia (SA)1, East and South East Asia (ESEA)2 and Oceania (developing)3. China, since it is such a large producer and consumer of HVAP, is considered separately. We will refer to the total of these countries as Asia and the Pacific...
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