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National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS). Steering Committee Meeting. (05 : 1999 : Beijing, China)
Publication date: 01/01/1999
The meeting was opened by Dr. R.S. Paroda, Chairman of the NARS Steering Committee (NARS-SC). In his introductory speech, after having welcomed the 25 participants who attended the meeting, he emphasized the major achievements since the last meeting: ¿ Appreciation of FAO, ISNAR and The Netherlands for staffing and hosting the NARS Secretariat. ¿ Completion of the preparation of the Program of Work 1999 ¿ 2000 based on a bottom-up approach and reflecting the priorities of the Regional/Sub-Regional Fora (RF/SRF). ¿ First GFAR Management Meeting in New Delhi, at the request of the Chairman, which led to important decisions regarding the preparation of GFAR-2000 and of the Program of Work. ¿ Organization of an international consultation on: ¿Information Initiatives in Agricultural Research: Enhancing Global Cooperation¿ as recommended by the GFAR Steering Committee and, as a consequence, clarification on the role of EGFAR. ¿ Emergence of the European Forum for Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) which is another evidence that GFAR has crystallized. ¿ Brainstorming session with the Chairman of the European Initiative on ARD (EIARD), Germany and ISNAR on ways and means to support Regional and Sub-Regional Organizations (ROs/SROs). ¿ Participation of the NARS Secretariat in the Regional Fora meetings (SSA & WANA Regions). ¿ Production and dissemination of the GFAR logo and brochure. Dr. R.S. Paroda concluded by indicating that significant progress has been made both by the NARS Secretariat and by the Regional Fora, especially towards the preparation of GFAR-2000. Regarding GFAR-2000, he emphasized the key role and support provided by Germany in the preparation of this event, including the presence
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