ICYA is a 4-day International Conference that combines Soft Skill Trainings, Lectures and Debates. It aims to bringing 100 young, bright minded and internationally active students together, give them the opportunity to interact, learn from each other, engage and create new projects/movements/ideas in order to solve major social problems through their agricultural expertise and passion.

The topics and key questions being addressed at ICYA are:

  1. Refugee Crisis – How can the field of agriculture help with the integration of refugees?
  2. Women in Agriculture – Gender Equality, is agriculture still a “grey zone”?
  3. Food Waste – From overconsumption to hunger
  4. VillageConceptProject – How can students help small local communities?
  5. Urban Farming – Urban agriculture, a way to build more peaceful societies.
  6. New Agri-Generation – Raising awareness about food production between small children

The desires outcomes of the conference include:

  1. A sum-up, signed by all the delegates, of all the new projects, ideas and plans, will be structured and presented to major public bodies and global organizations. We want to present the voice and thoughts of the future leaders in order to bring the change.
  2. Those pilot projects/movements/ideas will be guided and helped to be practically achieved during the next phase of the follow-up activities of the conference

For more information and to register, visit www.iaasworld.org.

IAAS is a Partner in GFAR. GFAR Secretariat will be sponsoring and organizing a social media bootcamp and event reporting at the ICYA. 

Thursday, 27 April, 2017 to Sunday, 30 April, 2017