GFAR Update - Special Issue

Steering Committee members begin mobilizing their networks to action

Webinar: "Developing Capacities for Agricultural Innovation Systems. Lessons from Implementing a Common Framework in 8 countries"

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Nov 16, 2020 14: 00 CET


Using capacity-based approaches to strengthen agricultural innovation system (AIS) is quite new in the area of agricultural development. Usually, capacities of individuals and organizations are seen as indirect (or unplanned) outcomes of the traditional agricultural development projects.

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GFAR: Executive Secretary, Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation Secretariat

The GFAR Secretariat is hosted by FAO in Rome and is headed by the GFAR Executive Secretary,. The Executive Secretary is responsible for the efficient functioning of the GFAR Secretariat and for coordinating the implementation of administrative, institutional and operational activities across the networks, as approved by the GFAR Steering Committee. The secretariat supports GFAR partners in engaging actively in the Global Forum and its governance.

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