GFAR Update - Special Issue

Steering Committee members begin mobilizing their networks to action

FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022

FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 will focus on highlighting the centrality of STI for agrifood systems transformation. The event will encourage a diversity of perspectives based on science, thereby facilitating rationalization and inclusiveness of debate. 

The FAO Science and Innovation Forum will be organized together with the World Food Forum (WFF) and Hand-in-Hand Investment Forum in the week of 17th October 2022. 

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TAP: Introducing TAPipedia, the knowledge sharing hub on agricultural innovation

Are you interested in agricultural innovation? If your answer is YES, then you might be interested in TAPipedia, the knowledge sharing hub on agricultural innovation and related topics:

What is TAPipedia?

Developed as part of the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP), a G20-initiative funded by the European Union and facilitated by FAO in support of capacity development for agricultural innovation systems, TAPipedia is a freely accessible website for knowledge and information sharing. TAPipedia was recently enriched with new functionalities, and it currently includes more than 4,200 resources in three UN languages: English, French and Spanish. The repository features capacity development practices, innovation systems analyses, success stories, lessons learned and many other types of resources.

The TAPipedia network

Currently, more than 80 organizations from various fields belong to our network. We welcome participation especially (but not exclusively) from:

- Agricultural research, education, and extension organizations

- Private sector, civil society, farmer organizations

- International organizations

- Development banks and donor organizations

Joining the TAPipedia network

To join the TAPipedia network, all you need to do is register your organization on the platform. Being part of the network gives your organization the opportunity to share its work within a network of renowned experts working in support of agricultural innovation. Registration is very quick, easy, free of charge and does not involve any obligations. You can register your organization's profile here.

Read more on attached document.

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CGIAR: Independent Science for Development Council


The Independent Science for Development Council (ISDC) is a standing panel of impartial, world- class scientific and innovation experts providing rigorous, independent strategic advice to the CGIAR System Council and other stakeholders. ISDC contributes to the strategic and portfolio planning and positioning of CGIAR. ISDC provides an important advisory function that is integral to the governance of One CGIAR. It is vital therefore that ISDC includes skills, disciplines and backgrounds relevant to the One CGIAR agenda.

The War in Ukraine and the Global Agrifood System: Implications for Africa and Beyond


Sayed Azam-Ali, OBE The war in Ukraine has exposed existing fault lines in the global food system which we ignore at

Enabling policy environment towards unleashing the potential of family farming


World Rural Forum Strengthen Family farming has proven to be one of the paramount strategies to address the challenge

DeSIRA LIFT: Call for experts

DeSIRA-LIFT provides support services to the DeSIRA Initiative funded by DG INTPA (European Commission). DeSIRA-LIFT are currently looking for experts for two short-term opportunities in support of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and members work on Climate Smart Agriculture. Interested experts are requested to submit a CV and short motivation letter to desira.lift[at]wur[dot]nl with a copy to ofatunbi[at]faraafrica[dot]org.

Small-scale family farming in changing food systems


By Sophia Amoah (Knowledge Management Intern, FARA, Ghana) FAO defines family farming as: “a means of organizing agri