Day: 30/10/2012
Timeslot: Saturday, 1 January, 0000 - 13:30 to 17:30
Belongs to conference: GCARD2 programme
Free social tags: GCARD2-P31
Session room: Caribe
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Detailed outline:
Expected outcomes:
Identified and defined effective strategies for implementing innovation partnerships and producing the evidence and understanding required for impact in global, regional and national programs addressing poverty reduction and improving livelihoods at scale
What is needed in the approach?
Chair: Rodney Cooke (Consultant, recently retired from IFAD); Facilitator: Patrick Dugan (CRP Aquatic Agricultural Systems)
13:40 Introduction: policy context: R. Cooke (IFAD Rural Poverty Report 2011)
Panel: Stakeholders’ approach to AR4D
A.Dave (SEWA – Women’s Rural Organization South Asia)
A. Waters-Bayer (INSARD/CSO-GARD CSO Network)
14:10 Discussion – The Plenary
Putting the approach into practice: Establishing effective livelihood research partnerships for impact at scale 
P. Dugan (CRP Aquatic Agricultural Systems)
W. Payne (CRP Dryland Agriculture)
15:00 Discussion – The Plenary
15:30 Coffee Break
Working with national innovation pilot learning sites and inter-regional innovation platforms
A. Adekunle (FARA SSA-CP/CRP 1.2 on Humid Tropics)
G. Thiele (CRP Roots tubers & bananas)
16:30 Discussion: Building partnerships for livelihood impacts at scale, around the above examples
Reflections on the issues raised: S. Nour (CARE); M. Tusneem (ADB rtrd)
17:15 Wrap up Session
17:30 Close of the Session