Pakistan Agricultural Research Centre (PARC)

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is the apex agricultural research organization at the national level. Its main objective is to strengthen Pakistan's agricultural research system, comprising the federal and provincial components. In Pakistan, all the four provinces have established a large number of institutions to meet their specific needs for agricultural research. The activities of these institutions need to be coordinated at national level to make judicious use of resources in terms of men, money and materials. PARC is the only organization in the country with a mandate to coordinate agricultural research, being carried out in the provincial as well as federal institutions and the universities. The main functions of PARC are to: Undertake, aid, promote and coordinate agricultural research Arrange expeditious utilization of research results Establish research establishments mainly to fill in the gaps in existing programmes of agricultural research Arrange the training of high level scientific manpower in agricultural sciences Generate, acquire and disseminate information relating to agriculture Establish and maintain a reference and research library Perform any other functions related to the matters aforesaid. For Details...............
Country: Pakistan
Geographic scope: Global