The Food and Agriculture Organization has now released the much-anticipated Compendium of Indicators for Nutrition-sensitive Agriculturedesigned to assist officers responsible for designing nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture investments in selecting appropriate indicators to monitor if these investments are having an impact on nutrition and through which pathways.

This document is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the Nutrition and Food Systems Division, the Investment Centre and the Statistics Division of FAO.  The publication of the Compendium was made possible thanks to the several rounds of revisions with the broader community of experts and a process of consulting specialists from a vast range of disciplines concerned with nutrition-sensitive food systems.

It is hoped that practitioners will find this a valuable tool for their work in nutrition-sensitive agriculture and the authors encourage feedback in order to make the Compendium a living and increasingly useful resource. 

Please note this compendium is a companion to the existing publication “Designing Nutrition-Sensitive Agricultural Investments”  and the newly published interactive e-learning modules on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems.

Also, it is a good complement to the recently released guidelines on the Minimum Dietary Diversity for Women.

The Compendium comprises the next piece of the “Toolkit for nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems”, the next piece being a "Compendium of Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems Interventions”.

Translations in various languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian are forthcoming. 

To download the Compendium in pdf, click here